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playeguitar.com has been moved from 'how-to-play-electric-guitar.net' domain some time ago, because the previous name was too much of a pain in the ass to type when you didn't have it in your browser's history.

Another thing is that there's no commenting and 'Ask your Question' functionality currently, I'll create it eventually, when will have some more free time.

Practical and effective electric guitar lessons for beginners

The 'playeguitar.com' is not a yet another website that pretends to be for free and after you jump on something interesting you have to put some $ to continue, instead this place is fully open for anyone who would like to begin playing simple but not shabby guitar riffs as soon as possible and learn additional stuff that vital for a very beginner along the way, such as: tuning, replacing the strings, getting the right sound, taking care of the tremolo system and more...

Each lesson I craft have tabs, audio or video examples and often illustration to better get the concepts in your head.

Who am I and why am I doing these lessons for free?

Well I'm electric-fire (prefer to use my alias) a coder/webmaster and this project was an opportunity for me to work out my coding and writing skills while I feel like sharing the knowledge I acquired through the years of playing an electric guitar.

So if you're going to learn how to play electric guitar and emit meaty, powerful music making your friends say wah, and not just strumming a few chords like stuff, you're in the right place to start.

Here you'll learn:

    • the basics such as:
electric guitar parts,   how to tune,    get the cool sound,  
read guitar tabs,   guitar positioning,   picking,  

    • how to play alternative rock, punk, gothic and metal riffs
    ASAP, using distorted guitar (it is Where the Fun Begins!),  

power chords,   and   picking patterns,

    • basic guitar chords,   strumming + fingerstyle patterns,
and chord progressions, using clean electric guitar sound or acoustic guitar.

And more...   Enjoy!

Published new article:

Two-Handed Guitar Tapping Lesson for Beginners
Two-handed tapping is a non-traditional method of guitar playing that makes running through speedy passages a much easier task than when using picking.

The most comfortable pieces to play with tapping are ones that repeat the same or similar groups of notes many times [...]

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Listen to what you'll be able to play by following my first few lessons:

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